The Killers


Granite is one of the toughest materials known to man. You need special tools to work it. Max Grannit is tough too: he has to be to survive the trouble he keeps getting himself into.


Now, fresh from his ordeal at the hands of the black hats, Grannit is looking for a quiet life. But then he saves the life of a beautiful and mysterious young woman in a New York street. Soon he is heading for more trouble, big trouble, in fact, when he agrees to act as the young woman’s bodyguard.


Grannit finds himself first in London and then in the South of France, living luxuriously in each of those places, but also living dangerously. Killers abound wherever he and his employer go. They are professionals too, whereas he is an amateur…


A journey through danger to an explosive conclusion.

About 61000 words.

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The Last Supper



What do you give five millionaires who have everything? The powers of a Roman emperor? The highest snuff party in the world? Not enough. It needs to be something money cannot buy. And you’d better not get in their way. They think Max Grannit does when he foils a terrorist plot and is dragged onto television as a hero. They think he might wreck their fiendish plans. The terrorists’ cohorts are after him too. And he’s completely on his own. That is, until three mysterious people invite him to dinner at a luxurious lakeside villa. They want his help. The only problem is, they do not know why they want his help…


The Last Supper is the third in the Max Grannit series of thrillers. Set in France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, it is a journey through menace.


About 60000 words.


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Blood Island



When Paul Mander and his new girlfriend arrive at Adrihotels’ Brioni Island complex, they cannot believe their luck. The island is beautiful, the hotel is luxurious, the service leaves nothing to be desired, and the cuisine is top class. Paul had swapped this holiday for one in the West Indies with a friend who had won this holiday in a competition he couldn’t remember entering. Now Paul thinks he got the better of the bargain. Gradually, however, he finds that things are not what they seem, and finally, and belatedly, he realises he has made a big mistake…


About 28000 words

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The Black Hats


The Dome is the most advanced, the most automated, and the most secure prison in the world. The legendary warden George T. Buckley rules it. Now it receives its first inmates: the two most dangerous criminals in the world: the serial killer and cannibal Rocco Bilari and the terrorist leader Gia Glutman. But is The Dome as secure as Buckley believes it is? Or is there a flaw in the system? Warden Buckley and his visitors Max Grannit and Maria De Marco find their lives turn into nightmares as the two most dangerous criminal minds and their murderous gangs go on a rampage, taking hostages with them, the hostages’ lives hanging by a thread, until even they become aware that they are about to be killed…and worse…


About 60000 words

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