Three days in London 27-30th April 2017 – The Connaught – Harrods

May 1, 2017 Dick Morris

Just a short trip to get away from the computer and the routine. I stayed at The Connaught hotel in Mayfair for the first time (I shall write more about this hotel later), and can highly recommend it. And I spent half a day, probably more, in Harrods, and had a fish and chip lunch there, and a half day, or more, in Selfridges, and visited Debenhams, and Rio’s in Kentish Town. The latter to relax for a few hours. Here are a few photos:


The Connaught


A sofa in Harrods. A few weeks ago, I was looking at an apartment in Llandaff (Cardiff). This sofa would have been perfect had I decided to move.


A sophisticated free-standing bookshelf in Harrods. The ingenuity of the design is that it can be accessed from either side. Thus, it would be ideal for dividing a living room into two separate areas: a sitting area and a working area.  The price goes against it, however.£24000. (This is not a typo.)


Next to the hugely expensive properties in Mayfair lies a down and out.