The Connaught Hotel – Mayfair – London

May 2, 2017 Dick Morris


Until a few years ago, I had not even heard of this hotel: it was a TV programme based on the home movies of the film actor Dirk Bogarde  that alerted me to it. Bogarde said he always stayed at the Connaught when in London, and so I determined to check it out, sometime, along with The Savoy, The Dorchester, and Claridges, even though I don’t usually stay in five-star hotels simply because I don’t think I will get my money’s worth. What I mean by this, is that I am generally in my hotel just to sleep and have breakfast. The rest of the day I am out an about. .

The hotel is situated in a quiet corner of Mayfair, and the only drawback to this location is that it is not really near the tube. The nearest underground station is Bond Street, I believe. But that’s the only drawback. I had breakfast in my room each morning, the room being  a little bit tight for in-room dining, although the butler and I managed to get around this. All I need now, is a butler back home.

A typical Connaught in-room breakfast, with orange juice, breakfast tea, bacon, sausage and eggs, toast, marmalade, and pastry basket. About £47 served by the butler. I did venture into the breakfast room on one occasion, and will probably have my breakfast there on future visits. The great thing about the breakfast room room is that it is in the eastern part of the building, and so, on sunny mornings, as was the case when I looked in, the room is flooded with sunlight. .

The bathroom contained everything you’re likely to need…

…including an in-bath television. (just don’t try repairing bath televisions whilst you’re still in the bath!)

I found the bed to be extremely comfortable.


And just about everything was provided, including an umbrella, a DVD player, a safe, a minibar, and a range of biscuits, crisps, and snacks…all of very good quality.


Would I recommend the The Connaught Hotel? Of course I would!