Erotica and Romance


The Lover

(The Bill Hammer Diaries)



As many of you will know, Bill Hammer, the legendary hedge-fund manager – and legendary lover – is no longer with us. This diary was found amongst his possessions, and it was suggested by the police that I edit the entries in this diary and publish them in the form of a book. It seems that Bill was sorely treated by the lady of his dreams and set out to wreak revenge on womankind in his own particular way. It is a tragic story, and I hope you enjoy reading it. I should add that to avoid embarrassing those involved I have changed every name – apart from Bill’s own. To be on the safe side, I suppose, I should also say that this is a work of fiction and that any resemblance characters might have to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


Carla Bowman. London. 2013


About 14000 words  Adult content

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Stacey and The Controller



Formerly Stacey finds Love. The third in the trilogy. An erotic kinky love story.


When Stacey Andrews is hired by the reclusive billionaire Callum Crane to provide erotic entertainment for him and his guests, she is surprised by what she has let herself in for, and the last thing she expects to find is true love.


Adult content. About 10700 words


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The Party



When Emma Davidson joins a mysterious party in Gunter Grove, she meets a very attractive artist. But then a strange series of events makes her wonder if she imagined it all. Some people, indeed, insist a party never took place. So, did the mysterious artist ever exist? Whether he did nor not, she cannot get him out of her mind. Later, she has the chance of becoming the partner of a dependable, if stodgy, manager, a manager, moreover, who she has always rather fancied.  Should she seize the chance, or should she continue to seek the man she cannot forget?


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Jenny’s First Visit to Doctor Widmark

Latest Verdana Bowman 2

Jenny is not disappointed when she meets Doctor Widmark. He is, as her friend had hinted – the most attractive man in the world. Then, towards the end of the appointment, she sees something she dismisses as trick of the light.


Later, she decides that what she at first thought she’d seen, she did in fact see, but already, she has decided to end her relationship with her uncouth boyfriend Ben.


The Doctor numbers among his patients some of the most beautiful women in the world. Yet Jenny knows by now, that she has to become the chosen one.


Meanwhile, Ben’s feelings towards the doctor are becoming murderous….


About 10000 words

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Carla and the Black Door Club

Verdana1 Bowman New 2


Carla Bowman is beautiful, successful, and single. She is also strait laced, and more than a little prudish. She can’t understand why her recent relationship broke up, but her friend Jasmine thinks she has a clue.


Now, by pure chance from having found a new doctor, Carla learns of the mysterious Black Door Club. What goes on there? It is not easy to find out. Jasmine, being more adventurous than Carla, suggests they pay the club a visit. And, once there, Jasmine thinks the place may be able to do Carla a power of good.


About 10000 words

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