Detective & Crime Fiction


Dark Harbour



Can you trust your wife?
Philip Marshall believes he can. He, and she, have, after all, a life of pleasure, a life of luxury, a life of partying on board splendid yachts. His beautiful wife seems loyal too. But then, on board one luxurious vessel, a murder is committed, and Marshall becomes prime suspect, an event that forces him to accept that he has been set up by no other than Michelle.


About 19000 words

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The Investigators



Lucas Voigt is precocious, curious, and an amateur detective, and when he sees two mysterious figures appear outside his widowed mother’s house in Earls Court London, he quickly figures out who they are. They are the real Sherlock Holmes, and the real Wyatt Earp, both brought to the present day by quantum fluctuations. His mother refuses to believe this but accepts what the men tell her they are: out of work actors.


Lucas hopes the time travellers will help him solve a long standing local mystery but, to his dismay, disappointment, and disgust, the two legendary characters turn out to be more interested in amatory adventures than investigatory ones.


Hilarious passages follow as Lucas shows the two men around modern London, “Holmes” being less smart than he has been acknowledged to be, and Wyatt bringing old fashioned manners – and the occasional straight right fist – to the streets of the capital city.


Then prostitutes begin to be murdered in this part of London and the police become baffled by the murders. Lucas decides to try to track down the murderer himself, after finding it impossible to get his mother’s lodgers interested in the evil deeds.


But is the murderer a copycat killer as the police believe? Or, is he history’s most notorious murderer?


“You’re next, Lucas, he said.
Lucas stood his ground. “You kill prostitutes, you don’t kill boys.”
“Up until now, I have indeed only killed prostitutes, Lucas. But now I shall kill you, Lucas. Do you know why?
“I shall kill you Lucas, because you have really pissed me off.”


About 62000 words


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