Climb to Grwyne Fawr reservoir and dam 11/05/17

May 12, 2017 Dick Morris
(Last Updated On: February 14, 2018)

This is one of Wales’ great locations, along with Cardiff Bay, Snowdon, The Sugarloaf, and The Skirrid, and I have already written about the first four in my guidebook Corners of Wales.

The path to the dam and reservoir is at the head of a lovely seven-mile long valley, its road twisting and turning, and sheep and lambs regularly presenting hazards to the driver. The path from the car park to the dam is two miles long, and gently rising, and the valley and the hills here are delightful and exquisite. Here are some photos:

At the bottom of the valley.
Going up the path.
The dam.


The dam.


On the dam.


Looking down.


The reservoir.


Local inhabitants.


One last look.

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