November 20, 2017 Dick Morris No comments exist

Recent day trips have included Cardiff Bay (out of necessity, because the restaurants in the city were full because of the Rugby Football events).  The bay is much the same, and I am tempted to buy or rent and apartment there, A rather nice one is currently available in Lloyd George Avenue. I can’t go down this…

May 29, 2017 Dick Morris

  I took the train down to Poole, stayed at the Thistle Hotel on the front, and went on board the sail training ship Lord Nelson. The hotel was fine and can be recommended. I went down to look at joining the Poole Harbour Yacht Club, but the bridge over the harbour was closed.  

May 12, 2017 Dick Morris

This is one of Wales’ great locations, along with Cardiff Bay, Snowdon, The Sugarloaf, and The Skirrid, and I have already written about the first four in my guidebook Corners of Wales. The path to the dam and reservoir is at the head of a lovely seven-mile long valley, its road twisting and turning, and sheep and lambs…

May 11, 2017 Dick Morris

Bonkers. My father was a GWR engine driver of the old school, and said when the railways were nationalised after the war the whole system went downhill, with loads of ballast dumped because nobody cared about the cost, and massive waste.,

May 10, 2017 Dick Morris

Actually, it’s a top-up. I tried to buy more of these earlier in the year when they issued more shares but wasn’t able to do so. Since the company is a VCT, any purchase of newly issued shares can be counted against income tax. I had to buy in the market. Consequently, I shall not…