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About this website and the authors Dick Morris and Carla Bowman.


Cardiff Bay Adventure - Crime - Horror - ThrillerTravel Books Hi! Thanks for visiting our website. Here, you will find  details of my books and my colleague Carla's books (she lives in a even remoter part of Wales than I do! And if any other writers would like to appear on this site, will they please let me know?), and a little bit about the remote part of the western world in which we live. Check out my adventure story Pelican - escape or Die, which is based on a true story; or my travel book Corners of Wales, and Carla's adult fiction.   You will also find a gallery of photographs I've taken in various parts of my home country, as well as a travel, general, and investment blog, in which I will tell of my own travels in various parts of the world, and give the reader my views on whether the places I've been to are worth a visit by the reader. I will also  document my views as an experienced investor, giving suggestions for investing based on my own  personal experience. Please note that my opinions are my own, and that they should not be taken as investment advice. Readers should make their own minds up regarding the wisdom (or otherwise) of my posts. I will also publish a series of comments on a wide range of subjects and hope that these lead to discussions and excite views from other people. Please feel free to add your own views on any subject you wish. I hope you enjoy your visit, and would welcome any feedback. *Please note that the images shown on this site are (C) Dick Morris unless otherwise stated. Dick Morris. 2017.