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About this website


Hi! Thanks for visiting our website.


Every visit received, and every book bought, makes the effort of creating this website and writing the books worthwhile. Here, you will find  details of my books and my colleague Carla's books (she lives in a even remoter part of Wales than I do! And if any other writers would like to appear on this site, will they please let me know?), details of free offers, and a little bit about the remote part of the western world in which we live.


In due course, I intend to add a gallery of photographs I've taken in various parts of my home country. In the meantime, I will provide a link to my long-term blog, which not only records my travels in Wales, but also my travels in various parts of the world over the past few decades. This blog is now ended. Consequently, I  will start a new blog on this site, in which I will record my views, opinions, and details and photos of my travels, all of which may, or may not, be of interest to you.


I  shall also add a money and investment blog, in which I will document my views as an experienced investor. Please bear in mind that my opinions should not be taken as investment advice, and readers should make their own minds up regarding the wisdom or otherwise of my posts.


I hope you enjoy your visit, and would welcome any feedback.


Dick Morris. 2017.